Magnatera’s Pasta is made only of precious cereals, 100% natural and gluten-free to offer and support a concept of functional food to their customers. The choice of an healthy lifestyle requires the cut off of foods that are high in calories and low in fibers improving the psychological well-being and reducing the risk of disease outbreaks.
How the cereals we use contribute to be functional to the health and wellbeing:
Corn is rich in protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamin reserve, naturally gluten free, instant energy and is
more digestible than other cereals. The corn is a source of folate needed for the production and maintenance of the cells and a source of thiamine (vitamin B12) the major player in the brain cells.
Rice helps the digestive system thanks to the insoluble fiber contained. Rice is naturally gluten free and reveals a treasure trove of minerals, rich in potassium it helps to regulate the heart rhythm, rich in selenium it increases the immune system.